Banner Advertising

We offer extremely competitive pricing for Banner Advertising.

Ask about our bulk rate.
Currently $1.00 per thousand (ROS) page views

ROS (Run-Of-Site) Advertising

CPM Cost per thousand page views $1.00
CTR Average Click-Through Rate ** 1% to 2%

Click-Through per Thousand ** 10 to 20
CPC Cost per Click-Through ** $.10 to $0.05

** CTR and CPC will vary from site to site.

Example: If your banner achieves a CTR of 5%, your CPC could be $0.02.

Banner Specifications
  • Dimensions: Standard 468 x 60 pixels
  • File Size: 12K maximum.
  • Real Time Reports: Number of impressions and click-throughs by day, month and cumulative totals

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