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Cold Corn Salad

1 Pkg Frozen whole kernel corn (almost thawed)
6-8 slices fried bacon (crispy & crumbled)
fresh garlic cloves 2-3 (more if you like garlic)
2-3 chopped fresh jalapeno peppers (with membrane and seed removed)
chopped olives (optional-black or green either one)
2-3 stems of chopped green onions
1 C grated colby/jack cheese (marbled)
Original Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

In large mixing bowl combine all chopped vegetables with corn. Stir in enough dressing to coat vegetables well. ( I use almost half a bottle.) Then stir in grated cheese and crumble bacon on top.
If you are going to serve immediately, let corn thaw completely. When I have to travel for a few hours to get to a family reunion I usually mix the salad with the corn slightly thawed so it will still be cold when I get to my destination. Anywhere I have taken this dish I have been asked for the recipe! This is a good alternative to potato salad at cook-outs!!

Submitted by Reevys