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  • Gil's Portuguese Recipes
    A straight-forward approach to Portuguese cooking.

  • Kitchen Stand Mixers
    Reviews and other information about KitchenAid stand mixers and their attachments and accessories, along with bread and dessert recipes.

  • Vintage Cookbook
    Antique, vintage, and collectible cookbooks, as well as regional and specialty cookbooks. First editions and out of print cookbooks, plus the works of great chefs and from great restaurants. Vintage advertising cookbooks. Books on entertaining from great hostesses. Advertising ephemera on cooking and food.

  • Red Chili Recipe
    An excellent resource on spicy food recipe and chili recipe.

  • Chef Uniforms, Chef Coats, Chef Pants, & Restaurant Uniforms
    Chef makes and sells UA Chef Brand custom chef uniforms, chef coats, chef pants, shoes, aprons, Polo & Oxford shirts, and front of the house restaurant uniforms. Custom logo embroidery for all chef clothing is available.

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